The Bratt is an International 18 One Design, originally built in England in 1919 at Mayharden May on the Thames River. It is a Morgan Giles design. She is 27’ long and is a fractional rig. The Bratt came to Nova Scotia on the stern of the HMCS Haida after World War II. Bill purchased her in 1984. She was in bad shape and he is currently restoring her hull.  She still has some of the original hardware and rig.

Small sail boat

International One Design (IOD)

The first IOD was designed and built by Bjarne Aas of Norway for Cornelius Shields in 1936. The length of this class is 33’ 2” with a waterline of 21’5”. They have a 6’9” beam, draft of 5’4”, displacement of 7150 lbs and 426 square feet of sail area. IOD’s have earned their reputation for developing the world’s best racing skippers. The fleets are found all over the world.

Inner hull

‘Ghost’ (IOD)

She won the Best Finished Boat in the New Port Wooden Boat Show, two years running. Ghost travelled from New Jersey to Nova Scotia in 2007, to be restored. She has been purchased and will be sailing the waters of Mahone Bay.

Boat being worked onIn a boat

‘War Baby’ (IOD)

The designer of the International One Design, Bjarne Aas, built War Baby in 1939 in Fredrickstad, Norway. She was the last IOD built before the war. She was shipped to Bermuda. In 2005 she came to Nova Scotia via Rockport. War Baby is being restored for Bill’s own use. He has been working on her during his spare time. He hopes to have her sailing and racing in the waters of Mahone Bay in the not so distant future.

Inside of rusted boat