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Mighty Mo - International One Design (IOD)

She was built in 1961 in Norway by Hinrick Aas, the son of the designer Bjarne Aas. The boat was originally owned by Mr. John Goulandris, a Greek shipping magnate who owned it in the 1960’s. She was part of the IOD fleet based in Cowes on the Isle of White in England. She arrived in Nova Scotia from Scotland in 2004. Her current owner, Rick Thompson, had Bill restore her to her former glory. She resides in Chester, Nova Scotia.

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Cynthia (Bluenose Sloop)

“9 Years ago my wife and I moved back to Nova Scotia from Ontario. I worked at the Ontario Science Centre as their model maker (primarily ship models). That same year I had been given a 23’ Bluenose Sloop #30 built in 1951 or 1952. It was in dire need of repair. My plan was to restore it myself. I had a good look at the boat and found it to be beyond my capability. I had known Bill for some time and well aware of his art as a boat builder. I had Bill take a look at the boat to see if it was worth restoring  or take the chain saw to it. I had been told by the son of the builder that it was the most original he has ever seen. That made it easier for me to make a decision to have Bill do the work. It turned out to be a big job replacing almost all the frames and most of her planks, new deck beams and deck. I’m very pleased. Bill and his men did a beautiful job.”
Ben Verburgh, owner of Cynthia

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Schooner Atlantica

“Atlantica is a 52” (LOA) wooden schooner built by renowned schooner master, David Stevens, at the Expo ‘67 World’s Fair in Montreal. I am her skipper and owner. We acquired Atlantica in 2000 and commenced restoration of this well-known craft including a complete re-build below the waterline (mahogany on oak frames) and a newly-cast keel. We added a new power plant and replaced all systems. Rig changes included a new foremast and conversion from a staysail rig to a gaff-rigged fore-sail. The interior has been completely rebuilt in mahogany, maple and teak. Today, our family cruises Atlantica on Nova Scotia’s South Shore and are regular participants in schooner-racing events. Lutwick’s Boat Building is one of the few remaining traditional boatworks on Canada's East Coast. Bill Lutwick, the owner and chief boat-builder, is a special breed of gentleman. He is a model of integrity and a credit to our Maritime heritage as well as to Nova Scotia’s tradition of building fast, seaworthy wooden boats.  Not only does Bill run a happy, customer-friendly boat shop specializing in traditional wooden craft, but he has an eye for a fine line. The interior rebuild, the finish work and the extensive rigging changes which Atlantica has undergone at Lutwick’s have been executed with care, precision and attention to detail. Through the process, I have come to know Mr. Lutwick as a consumate professional, an expert on matters nautical and, I daresay, a friend who shares a love of the ocean and wooden boats.”
Tye Burt, owner of Atlantica

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Restoration of a 150 year-old cutter originally built in Sweeden

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